We want to thank you for a job well done on our house addition and renovation.

From our perspective, the project went smoothly, and as planned, with few surprises. When there was an issue to discuss, you always took the time to explain the options.

We were also impressed by your subcontractors–their work ethic, the quality of their work, efficiency. It is evident that you take great care in choosing your subs.

I want to specifically call out a few: Jacik the plumber, Roman and his electricians, and Marek the rough carpenter, were all hard working, skilled, and easy to work with.

I will mention John the finish carpenter in particular. In addition to doing excellent quality work and artistry, he is such an asset for his problem solving. On numerous occasions, I witnessed him encountering a problem, and solving it with a positive, “just do it” attitude. He also encouraged other tradespeople by suggesting a solution when they were still puzzling over something or even complaining about a problem instead of working toward a solution.

We were especially pleased with how quickly you were able to complete our project. Other contractors estimated that our project might take 9 months. You estimated 6 months and, more important, actually accomplished it on time. I personally noticed that there wasn’t a day during the project when there wasn’t something happening. More often than not, you had two or more trades working at the same time. I also noticed that your subcontractors seemed to work very well together.

Many people we know who did major construction projects come away from the experience nightmare stories, exhausted and disliking their contractor.

We had the opposite experience, and truly appreciate all you did to make that happen. We have been singing your praises to our friends and neighbors and will continue to do so. We would be happy to serve as a reference and show your prospective clients our home.

Thank you, Ted.
Sara and Ron Geimer
1717 De L’Ogier Dr.


Thanks for your efforts and flexibiliy in regards to our home
improvement project. It is much appreciated. And thanks for
the fruit basket and well wishes…

All the best…

Jack & Lily

Dear Ted,

Happy New Year!

I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how much it has
meant to me to work with your organization for the past 7 months.

You have been responsive to my concerns and ideas, diligent about keeping the project moving and expenses on budget,
and, above all, consumately professional in all dealings.

Considering my extremely negative experience with my first contractor, I don’t know if you
realize how difficult it was for me to authorize the final draw before the project was complete.
That’s a testiment to the level of trust that you have engendered! You have restored my
confidence in your profession, and that’s no small feat!

Thanks for giving me a beautiful home!

With warmest regards.


Thank you so much for doing such a great job with our house.
You were great and your crews are awesome!
I can’t believe it is done! We love out new home.


Brian, Cora, T.J., Brian & Nikki